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Mon, Dec 17, 2018 5:00 PM

I need help with a return

I made a purchase last night and attempted to cancel the order this morning before it was shipped out. I called in once to cancel the order and again to confirm the cancellation because I had a feeling it was not actually being canceled. I got a case number and was told it was a cancellation number. I asked for an email verifying the cancellation and was denied. Two hours later I got an email with a fed ex tracking number confirming the product was never cancelled, as I figured. I called back two times and it was like a bad Monty Python sketch full of circular conversation with a person trained to evade questions and offer zero explanation and lie to get out of the call. I was told to refuse the package and it would be mailed back to boost and they would return it. I have read online there needs to be a return authorization number made and have not been given one. I was also told repeatedly that it was cancelled and i would get my money back in 7 days. 7 days is the boost time limit for returns. I have a feeling this is just a ploy to dump merchandise on people and not offer a viable way of returning anything while covering yourselves legally. I have not been given a clear, real answer to this problem and am considering filing a complaint with the ****, who I am sure will not care but why not try something. I have never had to deal with such systemic corruption in a phone company and that is saying a lot.  Please handle this or at least offer me an honest answer. I have been lied to 5 separate times by boost representatives. 



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