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Tue, Aug 21, 2018 10:00 AM

How do I enter my unlock code!?!

I called boost before flying to Germany and was given an unlock code so that I would be able to use an EU Sim card wall abroad. I've purchased two different sim cards and am unable to enter my unlock code anywhere! I even tried the UICC Unlock but keep getting the "profile update could not be completed. Contact customer service" BUT I CANNOT CONTACT CUSTOMER Service BECAUSE I HAVE NO PHONE!!!!! HELP!!!! I cannot move around here without internet access! I have no access to directions or anything!!!! 



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3 years ago

Hi there tperez1585. I am sorry that you were not able to use your device. The unlock code is to be use by your provider or someone knowledgeable to change the parameters on your device On the other hand, even if unlock is not assure that it will work on another network.