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Sat, Jul 14, 2018 1:00 AM

customer service

I've been with Boost for years and seen how their services have diminished. I also want the Stylo 4 since my current Stylo is on its last leg. After a discouraging CS discussion where I told her I will be transferring to another carrier (didn't seem to matter to the associate) I now realize Boost no longer holds their customer's best interests at heart.

Originally, I was interested in a Samsung phone that was listed at 20% off. I put it in my cart and was investigating the phone online. I decided to sleep on it. The next morning when I went to order it, my cart was empty and the special was gone. Apparently, the deal was good for only a few days. I'll never know because I could not get a straight answer from the 3 agents that kept switching my call to another.

When I called Boost to inquire what happened to the 20% off deal, not one agent would verify that the Samsung phone had been on special, but they all told me I could purchase it all full price. All I wanted to know was what happened to the special and how long did it actually run? It was even reviewed on YouTube with the special 20% info, yet the CS agent would not verify. Was this question so difficult?

After being a customer for nearly 10 years, I felt I deserved the respect of an answer to my question. Apparently, Boost doesn't train their CS agents to listen to customers and respond appropriately.

I also filled out their text survey with negative responses after my phone call. No response from Boost concerning my unhappiness. Their CS is absolutely horrible.

With other carriers now offering the Stylo 4 with specials and Boost still telling us to wait for news, I no longer see a reason for customer loyalty.

Boost needs to understand that for every vocalization there are quiet customers who are leaving their service also. Boost once was a great carrier and I used to recommend them, but those days are long over.


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