Wed, Mar 31, 2021 10:37 PM

Boost mobile ordering phone

Tried 5 times already to order a phone.

Nothing has happened.

Money goes out and then back in.

Are you kidding me? That's how you treat a 5 year customer?? Cancel order with no reason and not a proper answer for it to be cancelled?

Are we stil on 2021 or we went back to dark ages?? Really i pay $60 monthly i was willing to pay full amount for a new phone.. 

But i guess they do it to trick you to go to a Boost Mobile store and pay $300 more dollars for the same phone plus taxes. Plus activation. To make more money out of their customers.

No more Boost for me that's it!!!!


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1 m ago

Same thing keeps happening to us! 

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Same! We’ve been in constant contact with our bank so they know it’s all legitimate- even they coulsnt believe how difficult it was to make a purchase with a company- had we not already purchased and received four other new phones outright we would switch providers- I still might if this can’t get resolved! Thanks a ton and am definitely willing to give it a try! 

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Hey just checking in to see if it worked for you❤️ Hopefully it it did!