Wed, Mar 31, 2021 10:37 PM

Boost mobile ordering phone

Tried 5 times already to order a phone.

Nothing has happened.

Money goes out and then back in.

Are you kidding me? That's how you treat a 5 year customer?? Cancel order with no reason and not a proper answer for it to be cancelled?

Are we stil on 2021 or we went back to dark ages?? Really i pay $60 monthly i was willing to pay full amount for a new phone.. 

But i guess they do it to trick you to go to a Boost Mobile store and pay $300 more dollars for the same phone plus taxes. Plus activation. To make more money out of their customers.

No more Boost for me that's it!!!!


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1 m ago

Same thing keeps happening to us! 

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@jdcl0508 Try ordering it on Incognito mode. That what I did and my phone is coming this upcoming week

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@jdcl0508 let me know if it works for you

Boost Care


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Did you clear your web browser's cookies and cache and try with a different card? - Royt

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I’m not sure how to clear the browser cookies and cache but will try and figure that out and if not can try the incognito mode too but several of the times we have tried to order has been over the phone - it’s been such a nightmare.

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Same here. I was scared that the bank would cancel my card. But I do recommend incognito mode