Sun, Nov 21, 2021 3:13 AM

Worst service ever

I paid 100 dollars for phone service with a phone I brought over from metro I got the edd deal and they told me I wouldn’t have to pay anything for 6 months which is good because I go to school online and use my phone for going to class home work banking I drive a tow truck so I need my phone all day long all my work and school and finances are in my phone I just changed my phone number on all my accounts then 3 weeks in it says my service is interrupted and I owe 50 dollars I find out my ebb expired so I went and reapplied on the national verifier and qualified again I called customer service numerous times and went into three different stores no one could figure out how to turn my service back on they said I would have to pay 50 dollars and change my number again how is this possible why would I pay another 50 when u guys shit my phone off 3 weeks in after I paid 100 dollars just to activate a phone I already owned. So why would I pay more money it dosnt make any sense not to mention I don’t get paid until the 27th so I can’t work or go to school for another week I’ve already missed a week just because boost can’t figure out how to fix this issue if it dosnt get fixed I will tell everyone I ever meet for the rest of my life never to get boost that there service is terrible and they lied to me and ripped me off then told me I’m screwed thanks for nothing boost

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23 d ago

Blame Boost? You found out your EBB expired? You weren’t watching it?  You let your EBB expire then you blame Boost? Don’t blame everyone else for your troubles. Had you kept track of your EBB this wouldn’t have happened.

now it’s like starting brand new again.

Buy a phone if it’s disrupting your life that much. Boost isn’t going to continue holding your  expired account ! On top of that you changed all your phone numbers?

sorry but it’s your fault, not boosts!