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Taken advantage of / Ripped off

I purchased a I phone 11.   5 days ago. The very next day, less than 24 hrs . I returned to  the Boost Mobile store because the phone was having issues, I could not get incoming calls and service was horrible. I waited at the store in parking lot as no one was there, I called several times as well.  I ended up calling another store which ( the two stores are owned by same Management) . They told me I need to come to the other store, which I did. I tried to explain the I phone 11 was not working and I would like a refund as I over payed for this phone, ( come to  find out there was a promotion for New Customer and changing mobile companies)   There was also another promotion for New customers I did not get or was offered , Which was  a free phone with new mobile services. When I tried to talk or explain the issues with phone the Rep would not listen. Rep called  the Owner who authorized a partial refund,  Which was  half of the Money I spent ( they did not offer to fix phone or new phone it the place of purchased phone. ) do out of almost 700.00, my refund was 397.00.  I was in tears, asking them to please help me. I was out 300.00 plus dollars. I then asked  about the free phone, so I at least had some kind of phone since I had no phone and they keep my 300.00. and I was paying for the service. The Rep called the Manager again whom said it was ok.. The Rep then started to activate phone, which is a low end phone and I'm so upset out 300.00 still. Would not work properly either, I spent 4 hours in the store waiting and trying to get phone working.  with RepI tried to tell the Rep. maybe it was not I phone it was the service, asking should we trying the I phone previously purchase I purchased,  I was not heard again, I felt like I was a hassle, being ignored and a problem. After 4 hours or more I left the store with a cheap low budget phone and -300.00 dollars in tears. The Phone was not working when, I left the store, and 5 days later it still is not working, I went back to store again  the next for 3 hours, They did nothing for me.  I have called repeatedly and asked help from other store's. When calling the Rep literally hung up on me, or they say they cannot help or wont answer my calls. The phone will not except incoming calls at all . When calling it states number not in service, I can call out at times, and I can get incoming text and send out going at times, Some times not at all . No one can get ahold of me, This has caused a great deal of stress and anxiety as I have a lot going on I need to have a working phone. I begged for a refund, or to be given a phone that works, I'm out almost 700.00 with no working phone and have made several trips to boost mobile and calls many times a day. I have repeatedly asked to speak to a supervisor or manger. I was told No not here, I asked for the Name of supervisor or manager  several times only to be told I cannot help you, I cannot tell you.  I was made feel unimportant, at fault, and a bother, One Rep even said , You need to learn hoe to use a I Phone very rude. I told Rep I have and I phones for 20 plus years, Rep made me cry .PLEASE HELP I NEED THIS RESLOVED> I HAVE NO WORKING PHONE and IAM out 700.00 Paying FOR SERVECIES

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Hello Shelley! We appreciate you bring this to our attention. You have 7 days from purchase to return the phone. If the store is not honoring this, please call us at 1-833-502-6678 immediately with the store location so we can escalate this issue.