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Thu, May 11, 2017 6:00 AM

SOLUTION: How can I upgrade?


How long do I have to keep a phone before I'm eligible to upgrade?


Just like Boost website says here;

"Prepaid lets you upgrade your phone when you’re ready, so you don’t have to wait around to see when you’re eligible for a new phone."

In order to be eligible for existing customer promotions, your device must have been active on your account/number for 120 consecutive days.



How do I upgrade with BoostUp!?



If you are on a monthly plan and have made 12 consecutive on-time payments, you may be eligible to upgrade with Boost Up!  Boost Up! allows you to purchase a smart phone or basic phone with a variable down payment (as low as $1 plus tax) followed by 18 installment payments. 


If you are eligible for to apply for BoostUp! you must visit a participating Boost Mobile location and be approved in order to complete a purchase.  Approvals are subject to identity and address verification as well as financial eligibility requirements.


Only the first or primary line on the account can be eligible for BoostUp!  If you are on lines 2 - 5 of a family account, you must break away and create your own individual account in order to become eligible.  As long as the account history is good, on a monthly plan with 12 consecutive on-time payments, the new line may become eligible. 


At this time, on the Boost Premier program members are not eligible for BoostUp!.  You may de-enroll in Boost Premier by clicking here.  Once you have de-enrolled, you may check your Boost Mobile account after the 1st of the month to find out if you're eligible for BoostUp!



How can I tell if I'm eligible for BoostUp!



Find out if you're eligible for BoostUp! by logging into your MyBoost "My Account" portal online. If you're eligible you should have the BoostUp! option under the "Device" section of your Home tab.




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