Wed, Sep 22, 2021 12:40 AM

Refund my money for service I haven't received

I made an advanced payment on my boost account 10 days prior to my bill due date. The same day I paid the bill, I went to purchase a new phone and decided to try a different service provider. I canceled the payment before it was processed and withdrawn from my account. Hours after the cancelation of the payment and the pending notice, my service was changed over, though I still had access to my boost account. The next day my boost account and my money were gone. I didn't know boost openly robs its customers and tries to explain disappearing money away after paying for their services for years. I am so disappointed and disgusted with what's happening now.

Boost Care


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1 m ago

Hello D! This is definitely not how we want our clients to feel about us. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and when it is not, we want to know how to improve and give them the best possible experience. We understand this situation can be frustrating.  We would love to take a look at this for you. Give us a call at 1-833-502-6678, our agents will be happy to help you.

-Marcos G

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I am having the same issue - I paid for services on July 1st (automatic payment), and changed my service provider on July 2nd.  I called Boost because I did not receive a refund for unused services, and was told there was no refund.  I was told that cancelling the service was my choice, and there was no refund for unused services.  I asked for a supervisor because I've never heard of this business practice.  I was then put on a long hold.  I had been transferred over to Boost from Virgin Mobile, after years of service.  I didn't expect to be treated unfairly.  I needed a plan that offered international capability for Europe, and Boost doesn't offer this, so I switched to a provider who offered what I needed.  When the supervisor came on the line, she told me, (and so did the first agent) to dispute my payment with my credit card company.  I asked why I should have to do this - Boost should handle this.  The agent looked into my account and told me that actually, based on minimum usage, I might qualify for a refund, because I had used less than the minimum allowed for a refund.  She applied for the refund, although not guaranteed, and asked me to call back the following week, to check on the status of the case.  I was given a case number.  If approved, it will take 7-11 days for refund back to my card to occur.   So, for the moment, I am in the system for consideration of a refund.