Thu, Feb 25, 2021 10:39 PM

Random Charges for Text Messages on Pay as You Go Plan

I am being charged for text messages every few days. I normally have the phone OFF and rarely send texts myself. When I check messages on the phone, there are rarely any. Sometimes when the text charge is shown on the bill it is a true charge but on occasion, the balance increases although the item is not shown as a credit. What is going on?

The "live" chat feature on the website does not work - it only provides automated information, and the customer support phone number does the same thing.


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2 m ago

You're in luck!  They're now going to be charging you every time a call goes to voicemail!  So when you're phone is OFF and people are calling that number the meter is running.  Also now whenever you check your voicemail from a landline they will be charging you.  Of course all with ZERO notification of the changes to the Pay as you go Customers.  They're basically saying we hope you leave soon.

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2 m ago

The previous response is correct.   Why would anyone continue to do business with Boost Mobile when they are so arrogantly deceptive?

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25 d ago

I.ve  had the same problem for almost 3 months. Many random  over charges coming up on my  pay as you go plan. Is there a cure for this? I was a Virgin Mobile customer for 10 years without any problem. Since being moved to Boost Mobile  this have turned into a real problem.

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No, you do not remain at my service.   I do not associate with deceptive businesses.