Wed, Apr 28, 2021 3:30 PM

Payment history

is it possible to see my payment history from a year ago? 

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Hello, . Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry, unfortunately you can only access up to 90 days of transaction details in My account online at this time.


If you have any other question or concern, feel free to reply.
- JohnJ7

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This is completely false as I'm unable to retrieve my account history for 30 days let alone 60 or 90 days. Stop it. On the phone now because I cant retrieve it and they are stating that I have to physically go into the store to retrieve this information or contact my bank to show that I pay Boost. Complete waste of 3 years being a customer.  Please tell me again, Whats the purpose of the account history section if I'm only able to see who I call and text but not the financial part which show how, when I pay? You all even have a sort button under the financial section for 30, 60, 90 days but "There are no items to display? I need the info for verification purposes, don't worry about it though. It is what it is

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90 days..

18 d ago

This is fkn bullshit and pointless. They withhold information so they can rob you without having any way to monitor your account of trail of it