Fri, Jul 30, 2021 3:39 PM

Past statements

Is there a way to get a statement that shows my account info and payments from January through my most current month of this year? I might be able to submit these charges to my employer for reimbursement but they need an official statement.


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2 m ago

I am having the same problem. They have informed me I need to obtain a subpoena to get anything past 90 days. So now the courts and the Sheriff's Office has to be involved.

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2 m ago

What?! That doesn’t make any sense? A subpoena for what? Every other bill I pay lets me print out past statements. I was audited once and was able to print old statements of lots of companies- gas, electric, cable, phone, like everything… does anyone know why boost is different? 

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@djgonzalez14 believe I know! My Sheriff's Office is baffled as well.They claim it's because they are pre-paid, but then said I can even see which card you use and how long you have paid through the app. Every corporate number either doesn't work or has been changed and hasn't been up dated. The level of frustration they have put me through yesterday and the sheer lack of knowledge between the different customer service reps in makes me want to scream. 

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Hello Dave! We are a prepaid, month-to-month service so we don't generate billing statements. You can visit boostmobile.com to view your payment history.