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Thu, Jul 22, 2021 4:28 AM

Over charge

Is this ever going to stop.....I have had about all I can take from this place..I've been a customer for many years¬ had any issues UNTIL the last month and it's one thing after another. 1st it was the all the sim cards that didn't work and disabled my phone forcing me to go buy a cheap phone just so i would have service,then was told my boost up phone was paid off(my contract for boost up disappeared of my account so I called) now they say I owe 93.00 on a phone I just bought at Walmart and paid cash for,the phone was only 50.00.  I've chatted to them and was told someone would look into it and contact me,that has not happened.  This is absolutely insane the way boost is now conducting business, made my S10 a paperweight and done nothing to make that situation right so now they going to try charge me for some bogus charge since I finally told them enough is enough and I'm going to different carrier that can run a buisness the way it should be ran.  Shame on Boost!! By the way I dont know how they think they will get this 93 bucks they say I owe,since I'm not paying it!!


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