Mon, Sep 20, 2021 10:23 PM


My name is Judith Ramsey and I have been with Boost Mobile for over a year now. We was told that boost had merged with T mobile and that we needed the t mobile Sim card to get better service. Since my boyfriend was there getting the Sim cards he paid the monthly bill of $ 91.Problem is our phones said emergency calls only . We have talked to several associates of Boost about a refund so we could go to another phone service that would work at my house. 

     She told us that she was going to take us off the family plan so that they couldn't take the money since we didn't pay enough for any thing but the family plan.and for us to go to ppd@sprint.com ,send them a copy of the receipt and they would issue a refund.
Only to find out they took the the money and suspended both my accounts so I couldn't. Then they gave me one account pin but refused to give me mine unless I paid $13 pending on my account. Meanwhile I am screwed out of a phone number I have had for 30 years plus $91. If you can't help me please give me a number to someone who can . Please call me @ 2057530726. I am totally not happy about boost/t mobile right now. 
     Thank you,
          Judith Ramsey
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