Sat, Nov 27, 2021 1:21 AM

Is anyone else having problems with fraudulent billing by Boost Mobile?

I have contacted customer service for nearly a year each month about double billing on my account. They are incapable of removing this and getting it straightened out. I spend countless hours each month on hold trying to get a customer service rep on the line, and once I do we have to go through the entire issue again and it still is not fixed, despite being reassured it won't happen the next month. I am going to call them one last time tomorrow and cancel my account. This is unfortunate and will end up being a cost for me, but I have no choice. Besides the fraudulent charges, Boost has been giving illegal access to an entire group of people. They can type on my phone remotely, listen to calls, see what I am working on or typing, etc. This has been going on the entire time I have had the service, and with other service providers. I suspect the other charge may be giving them permission because it seems as if there is an extra account that really doesn't exist. I give up with their customer service. It's been ridiculous.

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