Wed, Oct 13, 2021 11:53 PM

International Service Fraud

I pay $10 a month for the "International Connect PLUS" so I can talk to my son who is in the military overseas.

After 41 minutes my service runs out because Boost charges me 24 cents a minute versus the $10 for 200 minutes

as per what is stated on the "International Connect PLUS" add on. I've call customer support that told me they are located in Central America.

A supervisor that I spoke to there said that "England was not include in this add on service".

The last time I looked, England was still a part of the United Kingdom.

Maybe it would help if these people could Google the United Kingdom or maybe have a geography lesson!

Boost Mobile needs to get this issue straightened out so that I get the service I paid for. I would like very much to

talk to my son without getting cut off.  Boost Mobile must think my son is serving to protect their right to profit off credit card fraud considering you are charging

for a service you falsely advertise that you provide. If anyone questions what I have written here, just call the Boost Mobile store in Rocky Mount, VA. and

the manager of the store will be glad to verify my story. Also look up the"International Connect PLUS"add on. It spells out this service very clearly.

God bless our US Military!!!!!!!

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