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Thu, Nov 25, 2021 8:37 AM

I can't log into my account

I can't log into my account through either the browser or the app. It tells me invalid number and/or invalid email. Then it says forbidden 403 error....And I've had this number and email for over a year with boost. 

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5 d ago

@iambecki0922 Hello! If you are on the app or website that asks for a phone number or email, then you are on the wrong platform. There is a new app(Boost One) and website(my.boostmobile.com) that is not accessible to all of our customers yet. Be sure you are using the My Boost app on your phone and boostmobile.com to log in. We will let you know when the new site and app are available to everyone. 

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I did that. I tried the boost one app. The regular boost app. And the website. NONE of it worked. Until the next day.