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Wed, Mar 22, 2017 2:00 PM

How do I change my phone number?


How can I change my phone number?


Login in to your account you should be able to change it there go to Settings, Change Phone Number . Provide a Zip Code in order to get the area code . 


 Having trouble? @Ladyequinoxx gave us this hint:


Try changing the zip code on the website just make sure the zip code you pick keeps the same area code that you wish to have.
For example:  If you try 08104 for an 856 area code and that does not work, try another like 08002 which gives an 856 area code but is from another city. 


From an iPhone, to reset the network: You need to go to your phone dial pad and dial ##873283# and then talk/call. This is only for iphones you will get a reset network message and another saying complete or something just say YES or Ok to both of them.

I created a topic called Changing phone # on iphone for does that don't know the pin

Hope i was able to help you.

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