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Tue, Sep 7, 2021 7:33 PM

Am I charged for calls made to my number that I don't pick up?

My list of activities includes dozens of 1-minute incoming calls, none of which I answered; my phone wasn't even on.  I don't give my number to anyone, so these are wrong numbers or scammers war-dialing.  Is there a way to keep from paying for these calls?

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1 m ago

The same thing has been happening to my family for months.  We were migrated to Boost from Virgin Mobile on pay per minute plans. From what we could figure out, in addition to charging for incoming text messages, Boost started charging for unanswered incoming calls - even when the phone is off and the calls go to voicemail.  Since that time, the number of these spam calls have increased and are rapidly depleting our account balance funds.  Initially we were having issues with being charged for spam text messages, now it is an issue with spam calls. We have called Boost to figure out how to stop this.  The only solution they could suggest is that we change our phone numbers.  As spam calls/texts would continue to plague any new phone numbers, this is not a solution.  We had tried to figure out how to disable voicemail on our old VM phones, which does not appear possible.  While we continue to look for solutions, once our funds are totally depleted by these scam charges, it may be a good time to change our phone provider.

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12 d ago

Same here. I was slammed over from Virgin Mobile with a $400 balance (the phone is for emergencies and is switched off). Now my balance is $300 thanks to all the 1 minute "voicemails".