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Tue, Sep 14, 2021 4:51 PM

Account balance applied to current bill

Long story short.  Virgin to boost customer, grandfathered plan to new plan.  New phone, new plan, new number. Nnew number because of text issue unresolved with 10 hours of troubleshooting over a 1 week time period.  New number solved issue.

Account balance of $200+ shows on my account in boost web account history and transactions.

Chat provided me with conflicting assessments.  I want to insure payment is applied.  I am leaving a paper trail (digital) in case something goes wrong and the account does not apply balance correctly and account gets cancelled along with my 200 bucks.  I have screen shots of account balance.  

Chat also provided info that 1)there is no balance to apply  2) all is well 3)call voice 4) sorry this happened (disconnected chat) let me read up on issue and I can help.  (Now tell me the problem).

I really just want someone to make sure my balance is applied to my plan due today and I don't have to go down the rabbit hole of chat or voice prompts and end up here anyway. An honest to goodness real live person that can help!

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4 m ago

It is after.midnight and still no answers on .u account.  

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4 m ago

After 4 chats and hours of worry, I paid for a months service to fight another day, and guess what today I was helped and behold my balance has returned to my account.  To all who read this... patience is a virtue...I need to remember that.