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Tue, May 16, 2017 4:00 PM

Sales rep dishonest about plan at time of phone upgrade

On 19 April I went to a boost store to replace my Lg Stylo 1 (3rd one) due to phone flew off my motorcycle.
The store rep was an nice enough young man.I orig planned to get either an Iphone 5s or a Stylo 2. The rep offered me a deal on the 2 but also showed me the stylo 3 which he said he could not do any deals on. $180. I decided to go ahead and get the stylo 3. During the transaction process he stated that now my bill would be $50 unlimited BECAUSE Metro PCS was now offering the same so Boost dropped the package to $50 unlimited plus Id get free gigs of hotspot.He said 8 which did not sound at all right but hey he said it. when he was going ito my account he saw that I had paid my bill 2 days prior so said next billing cycle Id see the $50 unlimited plan.
Well here we are. i had aeen my bill was still $60 and decided before I pay my bill Id go clear it up with the store rep who sold me the phone..
When I went in I said exactly that... My bill still reflected $60 not $50 as he had stated before.He asked who told me that.I said you did.He goes into my account and then says "No I think I said you could upgrade your bill to $50."
I said no and explained in detail what EXACTLY HE SAID.I gave him my invoice from purchase sale and he says it would reflect to chage on my invoice if I had upgraded.
I told him I knew nothing prior about metro until he told me about the plans, and that i already have unlimited everything which Ive always had . I would pay the $60 regardless had he not even said anything about metro but I am here in the store talking to you because you stated very clearly that my bill would be 50 starting next period because I had already paid my bill
.He still refused to honor the bill which I said Ill pay the $60 but I will come in and speak with his supervisor and asked who he is which he refused to tell me his name and gave me a number which is not boost anything so I turned back into the store and asked when he would be in . still no answer...
Ive paid my bill as I do online every month. I did not have an issue with the $60 PLUS $8 tacked on that but if YOU MAKE ME AWARE THAT MY BILL WILL BE CHEAPER ANS TELL ME YOUR COMPETITOR IS CHEAPER THEN I expect you to honor your agreement..
I now am not sure whether I will continue my service past this billing cycle and will consider my options with other carriers
You will see I pay my bill every month although always at the end of the grace period. I am on my 4th phone in 2 years at a few hundred a pop. I for the most part have been completely happy with my boost experience but I am an Army combat vet of both Iraq and Afghanistan..I say that to support my character in that I honor everything I say and I NEVER LIE! And now a young man tells me that what I said he said which just looking at the facts that yes metro has changed their plan and yes boost changed to top their competitors I believe in some manner supports my story.


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This is very disappointing on your part, but the truth is yes we are offering $50 plan unlimited services with 8 GB of hotspot. It is a package for the plan. I think you are on a grandfathered plan, the $60. Actually you can also do the changes or switching of plan online just make sure that you will do it on or before your payment due date for you  not to lost days that you paid for. You can also check the website about our new plans.




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That's so messed up these young kids are always lying! They tell you one thing than deny it!

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I need to speak to someone about being cheated out of my money lied to about what we would get and I need one heck of a explanation about these receipt that make no sense. I see how Boost mobile works and how sneaky this company is and this is so not right there are so many people out there that probably don't catch this and are cheated the time and money